Gary Steacy Dismantling Ltd

Our permanent facility, located 100 km east of Toronto just north of the village of Colborne, and adjacent to Highway 401, has been recycling metal components from waste electrical equipment since 1984. We utilize a gas fired furnace for the purpose of PCB destruction,with a destruction efficiency of 99.9999999, metal recovery and recycling.


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Gary Steacy Dismantling Ltd is a fully integrated waste recycling facility that can process both PCB and non-PCB waste electrical equipment. The site is wholly self contained. No sewage or self generated waste is taken off site.This MOE approved facility can guarantee that your waste material will be disposed of safely.Our Environmental Impairment off site insurance covers your material from pick up to delivery.


Ministry of Environment Approved and Bonded


Gary Steacy Dismantling Ltd offers the following services:

  • Transportation by MOE certified carrier
  • Storage of PCB and non-PCB oils for disposal at authorized sites
  • Safe preparation of all materials intended for incineration
  • Recovery of metals for recycling
  • Delivery to the client of a certificate of destruction

    Contact us at 905-355-3046 Fax 905-355-5480 or e-mail

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